Echocardiography – Training Programs and Careers

Physicians have to be able to examine a patient’s heart prior to any invasive procedure or further medical testing. Echocardiography technology allows technicians to create images of a patient’s heart. The proper knowledge to work with patients in this way can be gained inside a vocational college.Technicians take electrocardiograms to monitor the electrical impulses of a patient’s heart. This is commonly referred to as ECG’s or EKG’s. Professionals perform various tests on patients and give the results to their physicians. Education covers three main test areas along with the needed medical knowledge to help students prepare for their future career. Upon completion of a program students are able to perform EKG’s, Holter monitor tests, and stress tests. Three main paths are taken to become an EKG technician. These options include:On-the-job Training
Certificate Program
Associate’s Degree Program
The most common educational path to become a technician is on-the-job training. This stems from the practice of training already working medical professionals to take on the responsibilities of the job. For example, nursing aides are often trained through the typical four to six weeks program. Certificate programs are also reserved for students that have some job experience or former educational training. Certificate programs last a year and bypass basic medical knowledge and specifically teach students about the field of echocardiography. Completing an associate’s degree is the best option for students that are new to the field. The first year of a regular two-year program covers core educational courses and the second year is dedicated to the field. Students learn to operate the industry’s technology and perform the routine tests. Main information is covered through subjects that include:Cardiovascular Anatomy
Echocardiography for children and adults
Medical ImagingEducation focuses on each non-invasive test by teaching students the specific protocol followed inside a professional environment. Courses familiarize students with the different anomalies that affect the heart. This helps them flag any tests that need to be looked at by the doctor for further testing. Trained individuals have many career opportunities available to them.Once completed with the necessary education to enter the field students can become technicians in a variety of settings. The main career setting is in a hospital working with a physician on patient care. Other possible options include rehabilitation clinics for cardiac patients and medical offices. Experienced technicians can work in emergency situations by monitoring the hearts of incoming patients. The field is expected to grow more than twenty percent over the next eight years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the aging population and the ability to use echocardiography on young people to detect heart problems earlier on in life is the reason for the growth.Students have the ability to choose an accredited program and enter a career in echocardiography ready to help doctors treat heart patients. Full accreditation is provided to quality schools and colleges by agencies like the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology ( Researching the program that fits experience and education level will help students choose the right training option.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at 2010 – All rights reserved by

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Cheap Plane Flights – 3 Great Tips to Get Very Cheap Airfare Tickets

Want to secure cheap plane flights? Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or a vacation fanatic on a budget, then this article could help you in finding cheap plane flights.Even if you have never left your country before, you know that traveling comes at a high price. The expensive airfare tickets alone can sometimes be enough to put off your plans for another two years or so. However, if you know how to score cheap plane flights, you’ll be spending your days in and out of the airport in no time!Getting very cheap airfare doesn’t take rocket science. And with the help of this article, you’re going to book yourself one and have a blast doing it!Cheap Plane Flights Tip 1: ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly.If you know how to get the cheapest airfare tickets, that is. One technique you have to master is learning how to recognize which flights are in season and which are not. For example, if it’s summer time, a lot of people are going to want to go to beachy areas like Miami or even go out of the country. Avoid these flights because the higher the demand, the more expensive the flight.Cheap Plane Flights Tip 2: Subscribe to Travel Websites.If you’re a travel aficionado, then you might already know of travel sites like,,, or some other popular travel websites. One good thing about these sites is that you’re privy to details many people aren’t – like inexpensive airfares. Plus, many of these websites also have special promos, discounts and even newsletters that can help you make travel decisions wisely.Cheap Plane Flights Tip 3: Book Your Flight 2-3 Weeks Earlier.Planning is everything. Not only does planning help you remember to bring that toothbrush or any of your other essentials, it also helps you score cheap plane flights. The earlier you book your flight, the cheaper your airfare usually turns out to be.Cheap plane flights are not just a figment of your imagination. As long as you prepare yourself early enough, know how to read the seasons, and follow up on news and updates from travel websites, you’re all set to go!

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Discount Vegas Hotels – How to Find a Great Deal on Your Next Las Vegas Vacation

Like any lively city, Las Vegas’ hotel rooms vary in price and availability. In fact, on busy days, the rates can suddenly sky-rocket with little warning. Most visitors, tourists and business people flood the city all year round now and there are no real high or low seasons anymore. A room in a discount Vegas hotel can go for $30 a night, but the next day, it can reach as high as $399. However, for most people, the discount Vegas hotel is the only means of enjoying the pleasures and vices of Las Vegas.As with any of the hotels, it is critical to book your rooms at the lowest rates available and then compare them to others elsewhere. A discount Vegas hotel on the main Vegas strip can start at about $90 – $150. The two main economy hotels include the Aruba Hotel & Spa and the Casino Royale. Off the strip, rates range from $59 – $329, including such names as the Ambassador Strip Inn Travelodge, Americana 5, Americas Best Value Inn Lake Mead, Americas Best Value Inn Tropicana, Best Western Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino, Super 8 Motel Koval Lane, Terribles Hotel & Casino, and the Wild Wild West Gambling Hall & Hotel. A downtown, airport, highway, speedway, lake or nearby discount Vegas hotel can range from $50 – $1241.Visitors can choose from the El Cortez Hotel and Casino, Gold Spike Hotel and Casino, Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, Good Day Inn, Vegas Club Hotel and Casino, Western Hotel and Casino, Americas Best Value Inn (Speedway/Nellis A.F.B.), Super 8 Motel (Speedway/Nellis A.F.B.), Knights Inn at McCarran, Buffalo Hills Hotel and Casino, Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino, or the Gold Strike Hotel and Gambling Hall, most of which are within driving distance of Las Vegas’ main strip and the rest are a maximum of 30km away.A discount Vegas hotel offers varied amenities and services. Most include the basic room, maid service, pool and restaurant. Others may provide one or all of the following: room service, babysitting service, in-room safe, laundry/dry-cleaning facilities, business facilities, phones/Internet services, valet or free parking, and all will supply air-conditioning. However, not all hotels are created equally and it is imperative to read all hotel reviews before booking. The best reviews, of course, are found right here on this site.Remember that your stay in a discount Vegas hotel should be affordable, comfortable, and memorable. In fact, your stay in Las Vegas should be one you will never forget, with the lasting happy memories of a vacation worth taking, which is possible even on a tight budget!

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