Financial Troubles?

Have you ever found yourself having to fork out for an unexpected expense, like a vehicle repair bill? How have you gone about tackling the outlay? Do you pay for it with credit, which will include interest, over a period of time? Perhaps using credit cards is not your thing. Maybe you’re one of the millions of people who burden themselves with debt, and have already “maxed out” all their credit cards. Got friends you can lend money from? The majority of people won’t ask, or feel wrong to do so. What’s the answer to your financial woes?? There’s always a pay day loan.What is a payday loan?A payday loan has many aliases. Cash advance loan, payday advance, and check advance loan are just a few off hand. Another name is a post-dated check loan. Still others call it a deferred-deposit check loan. No matter what the name is, a ‘payday loan’ is essentially a short-term loan with a high interest rate.Why take out a payday loan?Payday loans have become extremely popular in recent times as the economic climate has worsened.Firstly, imagine you were struggling financially. Perhaps found yourself in the unenviable position of needing some serious cash and being “caught short”. Say for instance one of your siblings runs into to trouble abroad and needs to be wired cash in an emergency. Or you simply need quick cash fix to pay everyday expenses e.g. Rent, foodstuff, utilities, etc. Whatever the reason, you need the cash and you don’t have it.Is a payday loan the last resort? Are there any alternatives? What are the benefits of payday loans? They are as follows:o You can obtain funds without a credit check.
o You can apply in person, via a phone or online.
o The process won’t take any longer than 20 minutes.
o The loan amount is automatically deposited into your bank account within 24 hours.
o The process is 100% secure – your financial/personal information isn’t shared with others.Payday loans are a “quick fix”. You can cover your financial problem, and get on with your life. And the loan amount will be re-paid the next payday, problem solved…?
Where can I get a payday loan?These companies are there to “help out” those people who find themselves in dire financial need. They provide these loans to people who can’t find the money they need any other way.The site give users a detailed overview of the market and provide comprehensive information on each of the featured pay day loan companies and what they have to offer potential loan recipients.Why would you choose not to get a payday loan?There has been common consent that pay day loan companies take advantage of low-income earners in financial trouble. Some go as far as to say they “prey” on the weak. On the flipside the argument to that statement is that pay day loan companies provide a much needed service that is 100% legal.So you thought your money woes were over? What if when your pay check arrives you don’t have the required amount of pay back the loan?If you came up short, you needn’t worry – payday loans are renewable, or extendable. If you were to continually do this, it could end up costing you a enormous amount of money over time. For example: Say you borrowed £100 for 2 weeks (until your next payday). You write a check to the lender for £120 (includes your £20 fee). The APR (annual percentage rate) of that loan is %! If you can’t pay back the £120 on the due date, you can rollover the loan for another 2 weeks. If you rollover the loan for a third time fee would reach £60 for a £100 loan! That’s a fee of 60% on the original loan!These are things you need to thoroughly consider when deciding if a payday loan is suitable for your financial situation. Yes, the cost of the pay day loan is extreme, but it provides you with the cash you need, when you need it. Convenience comes at a price in this day and age; it’s your decision to see whether convenience is worth the charge.Payday loans are controversial – but they do provide a much needed service.After clearly arguing both cases of the argument, which party do you side with? That depends on your immediate situation. If your needs are that severe, and you don’t have any other choice, then a payday loan is probably an option worth thinking about.Another option could be to build up an emergency fund so if an unexpected financial problem arose you would have sufficient cover. Become your own financial manager. Then you’ll have an alternative, and you won’t have to rely on a payday loan as “your last resort”.

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Why Providing Free Information is a Sure Way to Grow Your IP Legal Services Business

In the technology industry, there is a group of influencers called Industry Analysts. Essentially, they sift through all the marketing material big technology providers send out to all sorts of businesses (i.e. when each company claims to be the market leading provider of this and that), analyse it, check out what is actually worth implementing and give their honest opinion on what people should really look at. Now, there are some organisations in the market (e.g. Gartner, Forrester and IDC) that have loads of analysts, big sales teams and global reach. If you are a small firm, say with 5 to 15 analysts, and want to raise your profile, you have a lot to do to get noticed with vastly inferior resources.So a few, very small, analyst firms have sprung up over the past few years and come up with an excellent model to build influence, trust and, more importantly, grow their revenues. What these firms have done is literally provide information and opinions for free via blogs, articles (or sometimes providing reports for free even if they have been sponsored by technology firms).The end result is that they have built communities of interest, engaged in conversations with those that are interested in their opinions, and essentially built up leadership positions as trusted advisors despite their small sizes. Firms like Redmonk, Freeform Dynamics and Quocirca have built excellent authority positions within the technology industry. They build trust via the numerous conversations, comments or surveys that allow their followers to engage with them, and are nimble enough to comment on issues that are of serious interest to their readers based on these conversations. They don’t talk to their audience – they engage, and engage, and engage.Where does the money come in then? More often than not, it is downstream. Once the analysts have built a position of trust with technology providers or consumers, the projects start coming in. The free information machine still chugs along to maintain mindshare, and it gives those that have purchased their services time to reflect on the great decision they have made. Everyone is happy.This same principle applies to any other industry, but incredibly so for IP legal services professional who really need to build relationships with prospects before getting into sales mode. These analysts have got a system in place to attract new clients and make money.Now if, for example, you feel getting a series of blogs written up is too time consuming, stop and think again. What you include in articles and blogs should simply make it easier for prospects to get to grips with IP law-related issues. Newsletters, anniversary updates, articles in trade magazines or seminars are excellent ways of engaging with your audience. Don’t tell them what you do, just focus on telling your prospects and clients how to solve problems specific to them or their niche.Remember, if you educate a prospect well enough on how they can solve their problems, or have an easier life, before they ask you for your services, then any face time with them will focus more on how they will benefit from your specific services. And it is easier to charge higher fees because they value you more.

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Real Estate Marketing Tools: Effective Use of Social Media

In the real estate boom of the ’90s, realtors could stick a sign in the ground and wait for prospective calls to pour in. Now, alas, home sales are much harder to earn. One real estate marketing tool many successful agents use is social media. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are now considered key components in all marketing – and realty is no exception. Below, we explore how realtors use these tools to vend properties. We also provide a competitive advantage by highlighting the most powerful ways to use social media as a real estate marketing tool. First, however, let’s think about why these tools should be such an effectual way of marketing real estate.It Offers both Expansive and Targeted ReachThe challenge of marketing real estate these days is getting your message in front of as many people as possible while especially focusing on those who are genuinely interested in your properties. Social media is a potent marketing tool because it is both far-reaching (you can place a public message on your profile) and targeted (you can send a message to just those people who might be interested).Tricks for using Social Media to Market PropertiesStep one in using social media as a real estate marketing tool is to set up a company profile at each networking site. Once your profiles are in order, start participating! It is not like traditional “spray and pray” advertising. It is a two-way conversation. Don’t just post your listings – interact with your followers and friends, as well. Your role is to ask questions, leave comments and provide useful information as an expert in your field. Some of the most prosperous real estate organizations in the world succeed online by passing on tips that property owners and buyers will find invaluable. As an example, let’s say one of your clients posts a question to your Facebook page about closing costs. Take advantage of this opportunity to show your deep knowledge by posting a quick, info-packed video response. This kind of user-centric approach to marketing real estate on these sites will earn you fans and sales.Consider Corcoran Group In New York. They are enjoying booming web traffic and overall business thanks to a robust social media presence. All levels of employees, including CEO Pam Liebman, consistently provide helpful content through social media sites. Liebman herself regularly posts video responses to users’ housing questions. Once a real estate social media page has been established, you can generate new business directly through your Twitter and Facebook pages, as Corcoran proves.Syndicating Customized Listings on Facebook and TwitterSome realtors’ social media posts are more engaging than others. A drab, static listing will get far less attention than an interactive, entertaining one. For example, some online services empower real estate agents to create customized home tour videos and eCards. Utilizing such a service ensures that property listing information will be consistent across the web. Moreover, tour videos and eListings are easy to plaster all over the Internet, from Twitter to Craigslist to Facebook. A property tour video features a slideshow of pictures, particulars on each room, charming animation and music. Such packed, engaging content is much more likely to be shared by your followers, extending your social media reach even farther.

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